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    “ Premium cabbage with sweetful and crunchy texture,
    which can be eaten raw in salads or does its best work when cooked ”

    [ Mr.Yang cabbage ]


Introduction to Daeya Farm


Daeya Farm is a cabbage farm established jointly by Korea’s Sambuja Company, Japan’s SeSe Co., and smallholder farmers in Jeollabuk-do province, Korea, with an aim to developing premium Korean agricultural products and their market penetration over the world.


This agricultural corporation has created about 30 hectares of a dedicated veg-patch garden in the wide fields of Gunsan of the province near the Unbong Plateau (located at Namwon) to produce cabbage (with a brand name of “Mr. Yang”, which represents a man (‘Mister’) who marches out through the ocean (‘Yang’)) featured by a high sugar content and silky mouthfeel.

The Farm grows Mr. Yang cabbage as well as other high-quality vegetables that lend great taste in the large and fertile fields located in Jeollabuk-do, and is exporting them to Japan, Taiwan and so on including domestic merchandising.

Efficacy of cabbage



Cabbage was first domesticated as early as 2500 B.C. by the Basques who lived in northern Spain. The vegetable grown and consumed from the period of Ancient Greece is one of world three longevity foods selected by the Time magazine.
The ancient Greeks ate cabbage as side dish that went well with liquor and medieval Europe used it to treat stomach pain or indigestion. In modern times cabbage was foraged out by newlyweds to take in juice form before spending their wedding night since it was known in folk medicine as energy booster.


Nutrients of cabbage

- - Outer cabbage leaves are a good source of vitamin A, iron and calcium.
- Inner leaves are rich in B group vitamins and vitamin C.
- The stalk (core) contains high amounts of vitamin U and sulforaphane rather than foliage leaves.

The secret of Mr. Yang cabbage


Analysis report for vitamins U and K contained in Mr. Yang cabbage


Analyzed by: Japan Food Research Laboratories (October, 2018)


Mr. Yang cabbage is a vegetable that is very beneficial for people with digestive track disorders owing to the effectiveness of Vitamin U contained therein. Vitamin U has the therapeutic effect in regenerating damaged cells in stomach or other organs by protecting epithelial cells of stomach and suppressing gastric acid. It also contains ample vitamin K that helps protect osteoporosis.

[Introduction to Mr. Yang cabbage]



This cultivar, developed for culinary uses such as salad, is popularly sold in Japan and Taiwan.

Weight: 1.0 kg~1.5 kg



It is comprised of higher percent of water than other varieties, imparting good sweetness and subtle texture.



The stalk (core) packed with vitamin U is not sturdy but tender, which could be your favorite bit whether raw or cooked.

Quality assurance system

From sowing to harvest

“Farm quality control 7/365”


  • 아이콘

    Step 1

    Gets training for quality management
    in production provided routinely
    by the Gunsan Agricultural Technology
    Service Center

  • 아이콘

    Step 2

    Carries out pesticide residue testing
    in soil before and after sowing the crop,
    and before shipping, respectively

  • 아이콘

    Step 3

    Requests for the pesticide residue analysis
    to the NAQS (National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service);
    Receives a quality assurance certificate after the NAQS’ analysis
    over herbicide residues and insect pests

High quality cabbage heads that meet the strict requirements
in Japanese and Taiwanese standards for imported fresh produce are shipped with a brand of Mr. Yang.

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